Today’s world is, more than ever, propelled by innovative technology that is a major force behind the functioning of startups. Technology is playing many parts in the growth of startups. It changes the way that advertising is done and who it is able to reach, helps manage financial and statistic information within the startup, can keep employees connected in new ways, and more.

Technology is adding tactics beyond those which are considered orthodox to the wheelhouse of startups. Technology can be used to drive revenue for countries while simultaneously providing increased accessibility. Here are some potential ways that technology can help startups grow and compete:

Improve Customer Service with the Cloud

The cloud can help you combine customer experience and service into one central locus. The cloud is a great place to bridge an immediate gap between the customer and your customer service rep, thus allowing them to understand where the customer is coming from much better via apps and shared information.

Use Amazon Alexa as an Assistant

Amazon Alexa is an incredibly useful piece of technology. It is a base for so many sorts of information and resources that are all just a vocalization away. Additionally, by connecting Alexa to your personal documents and resources you can ask for information verbally without having to shuffle through papers or sift through files. This may only save a couple of minutes or seconds here and there, but your time is very valuable and these minutes and seconds all add up. She can also be used to send an email verbally, create a to-do list, notify you when a customer is contacting you, and more.

Utilize Managed IT Services to Secure Your Network

It is quite expensive to have a well-staffed IT department to avoid getting hacked. Often, hackers target small businesses and startups as they know that their defenses may not be as strong. CNBC reports that, in 2017, almost 6 in 10 businesses reported that they had received a cyber attack. However, Managed IT Servers have become increasingly prominent as a way for small businesses and startups to defend against cyber threats and become less vulnerable and increasingly fortified, at a very affordable cost.

These services can offer high-powered solutions to be proactive in fending off cyber attacks and maintain a secure company and information base. This defense will give your company the space and safety that it needs for growth.