People with disabilities understand that it is important to maintain independence while making their living spaces accessible. The goal of independence requires that people have access to the same opportunities in their social, physical and cultural environments as their peers without disabilities. To achieve this it helps to have technological support so that they’re able to make meaningful choices about the management of their lives.

Modern technology has produced devices that can improve life for those who have disabilities.

Some devices that have proven useful include:


  1. Amazon Echo:

This device is prudent to start with because it’s versatile. It allows users to control devices in their homes via voice. Another option is downloading the app. It gives users the freedom to control devices from their smartphones even when away from home.


  1. Smart Lock:

A smart door lock allows individuals to choose who has access to their home and how often. It keeps track of who’s entering the home and access can be revoked in seconds if needed. This device is ideal to allow nurses, housekeepers, and loved ones access to the home.


  1. Smart Doorbell:

A smart doorbell can be beneficial to those who may be bed-bound. It allows the user to see who’s at the door via a motion sensor camera. The user decides to grant access or not.


  1. Smart Thermostat:

A smart thermostat can ensure a comfortable home temperature at all times. These devices even allow individuals to change the temperature while away from home.


  1. Smart Lighting And Outlets:

Smart lighting is ideal for individuals who suffer from visual impairment or sensory issues. Smart outlets allow users to turn lights off or on via apps so they are easy to access regardless of mobility levels.


  1. Smart Window Dressings:

Using curtains, blinds, and shades may be challenging for individuals with mobility issues. Having the ability to install window treatments that can be operated remotely makes it much simpler.


  1. Smart Garage Door Opener:

If an individual has trouble operating a regular garage door opener, a smart version may be a good choice. A smart opener allows operation of the garage door remotely whether they’re at home or not.


People with disabilities can use various technologies to lessen the impact of their individual challenges in daily life. These devices and others can make a significant difference in the quality of life for them.