Russ Ewell is a leader, CEO, and entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the technology industry. In addition to his work in technology, Russ has served as a minister in various churches across America for over thirty years. One of Russ’ principle motivations for working with technology is helping others use technology to overcome human limits. As the father of children with special needs, Russ realizes the potential that technology has to improve the lives of individuals with learning disabilities. This commitment to making a positive difference in the world drives all of Russ’ entrepreneurial projects.

In 2011 Russ Ewell founded Digital Scribbler. Russ was inspired to create the company after an app that he and his son used to learn and communicate increased its price. One of Digital Scribbler’s core values is putting people over profit. Russ and his team at Digital Scribbler believe that useful, high-quality technology can be created at a reasonable price. At the moment Digital Scribbler has released two applications: Quick Talk AAC and Quick Type AAC. Both applications make it easy for parents and children with learning and intellectual disabilities to communicate with each other. Over a quarter of individuals with autism are functionally non-verbal. Quick Talk AAC and Quick Type AAC help these individuals communicate effectively and with ease.

One of Russ Ewell’s favorite aspects of technology is its ability to shrink the size of the world by making global communication easier. Technology also gives individuals and society the ability to overcome limits of various sorts. This aspect is especially important to Russ because he has witnessed first-hand the way that technology has benefited his children. The technology industry stands out from other industries due in part to its focus on innovation. Spending time with individuals involved in tech never fails to inspire and energize Russ.

The biggest challenge that the tech industry faces is becoming more socially aware. A lot of tech products and services are expensive which limits which members of society can access and benefit from them. Plus, there are times when tech companies clash with governments over different issues that affect society. As more companies make an effort to incorporate a sense of social responsibility into their company cultures, Russ Ewell believes that both communities and the organizations themselves will benefit.

Over the years Russ Ewell has spoken with numerous tech companies on the subject of accessibility in technology. To learn more about his thoughts on the subject and other related subjects visit the Digital Scribbler website or this site’s blog page.