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Speech Technology For People With Nonverbal Autism Russ Ewell

VocaliD: Speech Technology for People with Nonverbal Autism

Close to 25% of all people with Autism are considered nonverbal. These individuals rely on gestures and movements or minimal vocabulary to communicate with others. As one can imagine, this comes with a series of challenges as well as social barriers for people with Autism. Many parents report that their child with Autism has experienced […]

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What are Screen Readers and How Can They Help Disabled People

Screen readers are software programs that can be installed in computers or mobile devices. They read the text that is displayed on the screen with either a speech synthesizer or a braille display. It is essentially an interface that dwells between the computer’s operating system and the user. Screen readers can be run on personal […]

Three Cutting Edge Technologies

Three Cutting Edge Technologies

Technology continues making advancements faster than in previous years. Modern-day technology is now commonplace in a variety of fields that include business, health care and recreation. There are a number of new innovations that are bound to change the world. Technological Trends American manufacturing has taken a heavy hit as companies make their way overseas […]


2018 Breakthrough Technologies

As the world moves faster and faster, new breakthrough technologies emerge that continue to change the face of the planet. Some of these technologies have more substantial effects than others, altering the way we communicate with each other, interpret our reality, and achieve everyday feats. Here are some breakthrough technologies of 2018 that you need to […]

Spotlight On Disability Positive Companies John’s Crazy Socks (4)

How Apps are Helping People with Autism

Technology is improving day in and day out, and with that comes the power to transcend just silly games, instant messaging, and social media. With that comes the power to actually make a change and use apps to help people access the world in different ways. They can be used as both an accessibility resource […]

The Role Technology Plays In Startups (1)

The Role Technology Plays in Startups

Today’s world is, more than ever, propelled by innovative technology that is a major force behind the functioning of startups. Technology is playing many parts in the growth of startups. It changes the way that advertising is done and who it is able to reach, helps manage financial and statistic information within the startup, can […]

A New Niche For Smart Glasses

All eight children tested by Harvard University’s Department of Psychology were able to successfully use the device without stress.

Assitive Technology and Autism

Assistive technology is a digital tool that improves cognitive learning and communication for individuals with autism.

Virtual Reality for Kids with Autism

In time, we hope to see Virtual Reality harnessed better to help people with extreme anxiety such as those with autism better prepare for life by familiarizing themselves with their environments.


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